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Two years ago we called ProDog to install a hidden fence on our property. We had a nine year old golden poo who had just had surgery and have an acre of land, bordering a farm, of which he was used to having free run of. With horses and other animals in the field it really was now necessary for us to do something to keep him safe and in our yard. John was incredible and an answer to our problem. He came out on a cold late fall day - talked with us and switched his schedule around to work with us and get our fence installed. He then came on a Sunday afternoon (yes - Sunday afternoon) to work with our dog and give us tips on training. The piece that is so important to us - occurred now - two years later. We had problems with our collar and that same day we called his service he called us back and within two days had a new collar delivered to our door. That type of customer service was what we had hoped for when we called ProDog in 2008, but it was not until such a problem arose that we could know if our choice had been a good one. It was! John stands behind his product - which in the world today is HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!! So often we hear, I'm sorry that is not part of the warranty, but not with ProDog, we were covered! I also have to say - I was impressed with how much our dog respected John. We are once more up and running - and without any aggravation! What a gift! Thank you ProDog and John!

Mary & John Maleski

We first met John after we adopted our 5 month old month and needed some obedience training. John was a wizard and within several sessions our puppy had become a happy and law abiding member of our family. John mentioned that he did hidden fences if we ever needed. At the time, we had a fenced in back yard and were not in the market. A year later we moved to a new home and decided to consider the hidden fencing option. WOW!!!! We are so glad we did. Our dog LOVES roaming our entire property, chasing squirrels, and protecting the kids on the swingset. It only took ONE correction and she has had it down pat ever since. She can not even be tempted by the neighbor's dog (also on an hidden fence system). We liked it so much we decided to put in an indoor system (to save our hardwood floors and carpets). This is a lifesaver and she seemed to understand as soon as she saw the white flags in the kitchen!!!! We are SO happy with both systems. John is dependable, honest, and GREAT with training the dogs!!! We highly recommend any of Pro dog's services.

Jessica Stepanski - Rumson, NJ

I was so satisfied with John and DogWatch Hidden Fence system at my previous home that when I moved to my new home, it wasn't even a thought on who I would call to install a fence system. Even though it was a brand new surrounding for my dogs, within less than 30 minutes John had all 3 dogs acclimated to their new boundary. It's just such a comforting feeling to know that my dogs can be outside running and playing free from harms way of street traffic or wandering off and getting lost. I most definitely recommend John and DogWatch Hidden Fence if you have dogs and are looking to safely contain them.

Rena Juliette - Manalapan, NJ

John, our family would like to thank you for installing the electric fence and training our labradoodle. The fence gives us the freedom of letting the dog out and not worrying he will run into the street. He is trained so well that on one occasion after bringing him back from the groomers, I allowed him to jump out of the car and run in the front yard not realizing he didn't have on his collar. He remained in the yard for hours before we realized he was collarless! We appreciate the time you spent training Friar and your availability answering all those new puppy questions.

The Dengler Family

We love our Dog Watch Hidden Fence. It works just as well it was explained. After the first set-up and run through, Finnegan knew his boundaries. I ony wish we got it months ago! I highly recommend Pro-Dog Canine Academy and Dog-Watch Hidden Fences. John has been nothing but a pleasure to work with.

~Dana Barone

We first met John after we adopted our 5 month old month and needed some obedience training. John was a wizard and within several sessions our puppy had become a happy and law abiding member of our family. John mentioned that he did invisible fences if we ever needed. At the time...read more

~Jessica Stepanski

John was great to work with - responsive, professional, and great with our rambunctious puppy! We plan to use him for training sessions soon. The invisible fence he installed has worked out great for us, and provides an extra layer of reassurance that our dog will stay safe and sound in our yard...read more

~Lauren Hogshire

We wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our Dog Watch hidden fence. After doing research on all the fences available and meeting you, we were convinced that the Dog Watch hidden fence was clearly the best choice. We were impressed with your professionalism and love of animals...read more

~Maria K.

Our DogWatch Hidden Fence was one of the best investments we've ever made! Now our 2 goldens Sonny & Leila can play outside all day without worries. Thank you John and keep up the good work!

Patricia Malfa

My husband & I have two Brittany Spaniels that are 19 months old. We wanted to provide them with a safe and "free" environment in which to play. So, we called Dogwatch Hidden Fence & spoke with both John & Mike. They both explained the system to us in detail and we decided to have the hidden fence installed. I was truly amazed at how quick my Brits adapted to this system. Now they can play and enjoy the freedom that the hidden fence has given them. It has truly brought us peace of mind knowing that our pets are safe within the confinements of our property. John is extremely knowledgeable and quickly puts your mind at ease with any questions and/or concerns you may have. I recommend the Dogwatch Hidden Fence System to everyone who wishes to have peace of mind in the safety of their pets. I first met with John to help me with training or try to get some control with our Golden Doodle puppy, Shilo (which we did not have any control over). John not only introduced us to training collars and methods which enabled our dog to begin to focus but installed the DogWatch fence on our property. Our family can enjoy playing in the yard with Shiloh without fear of him leaving the property. Shilo can release some of his energy in a positive way and he is becoming the family dog we dreamed of owning. Thank you, John. I will gladly refer you to anyone I know who has a dog or is getting a dog for both the DogWatch fence and for your personal training.

Mary Lou D'Ambroso

We wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our Dog Watch hidden fence. After doing research on all the fences available and meeting you, we were convinced that the Dog Watch hidden fence was clearly the best choice. We were impressed with your professionalism and love of animals as well as your experience in training dogs. We also liked the fact that Dog Watch offers a 2-year battery (better for the environment and for our pocketbooks) and the flexibility for us to make adjustments to our system if needed. We were also impressed on how quickly our puppy learned her boundaries. After only one training session with you and a day or so of follow up training by us, she was using her fence and loving it! We can't thank you enough!

Maria K.

Thank you again for all the help you have been to us with our puppy.Your advice about what dog to adopt was well-considered, tactfully offered, and absolutely on the mark correct! Your assistance has always gone far beyond equiping us and training us with the electronic fencing and collar. The system works very very well; after only one session with you, puppy knows not to cross the line and we are sure she will be free to explore our two and a half acres safely. We are very pleased with both the system and the service and would be happy to recommend Pro Dog K9 to anyone!

Flora Higgins

The pro-dog team have been supportive, responsive and forthright in their business practices. Over delivering on every promise, we highly recommend them for their fence instalation and more importantly the training and service thereafter!

Wonderful Stacy

John and his partner at ProDogK9 & DogWatch Hidden Fence were always professional and courteous! They completed the job on time as promised and did a great job helping to train the dogs with the system. We have four dogs and could not have imagined life without the electric fence in place. I would recommend their services to anyone and have already forwarded prospective clients.

Christine Goldsberry

We have been extremely happy with the DogWatch fence you installed a few months ago. Odie is a 1 1/2 yr. old Lab/Hound mix that we adopted from the animal shelter. Even though we had a fenced in back yard, he would scale the fence any way he could to get out. We mounted all 12 of our patio chairs on top of the fence where he would jump to keep him contained. After several close calls, and chasing him or driving around for him, someone suggested we get a hidden fence. At first I was totally against it thinking I could train him not to climb. But now that its in, I am much more relaxed letting him into the back yard. It did not take long for him to learn to stay clear of the fence. I think it was only three corrections. We are able to let him out front off- leash now too. One day while he was out front with me, a stray cat walked down the sidewalk in front of the house. He watched, but did not even try to get near it!!! Thanks for all your training tips and great insight into a 'hounds' mind. Odie is now a registered therapy dog who I know will always be safe at home.

Kathy Pfister and Odie

John installed the Dog Watch brand fencing at our home about 9 months ago for our German Shepherd mix who frequently escaped our property by squeezing through our fence or running out the front door. This fencing has been a life saver for us and our dog. Our dog is now safely contained and has not "escaped" at all. The Dog Watch brand is very reliable - no issues at all. John made sure our dog and family learned how the system worked. After only one training session, our dog knew the boundaries. I would highly recommend John and Dog Watch brand fencing. His price was very competitive. Looking forward to a summer of not having to worry about our dog "escaping."

Lisa Haran

John was fantastic. We had a head strong out of control 10 month old rescue. With in five minutes working with John the dog knew who was in charge. It was John and not him. John installed the fence. He did a neat and clean job. At first the dog didn't respect the line. After the first week John came back and work with the dog and us on training. I can't be happier with the transformation in just a few weeks. Our dog is calmer and more obedient. Thank you for giving us a happy well behaved dog.

Rich Loock

We have 2 long-haired German Shepherds who are each over 100lbs. They have been together their whole lives and have very different personalities but they are most definitely their own pack. One of them is a gentle giant but the smaller of the two is a spitfire. From the first lesson, John had both of them walking gently on the leash and while we had already taught them basic obedience commands, John is helping us get to the point where we can walk over 200lbs of dog together. Its an intimidating sight to see us all coming! John definitely knows his stuff and has a commanding presence with both the dogs and the owners.

Katie Holden

I met John when I was walking my dog in my neighborhood. I had tried a couple of different trainers and had not seen great results with my dog. I even had driven my dog everyday for three weeks to puppy school but other than basic commands my dog was out of control unless you had food in your hand! Once John started working with us we saw instant results! We recently adopted a second dog and I called John and he once again came to my rescue! Both dogs are doing amazing! Some things are meant to be! Meeting John that day was the best day for us! Thank you John so much!!! YOU ARE TRULY THE BEST!!!

Suzi Bernardo

John has been amazing! As first time dog owners we needed a lot of help! John helped us train our golden doodle puppy and installed our dog watch fence as well. He has also been great in answering all of our questions. We highly recommend him!

Stacey P

I am very thankful for my dog fence. It keeps my wheaten terrier and my miniature schnauzer protected from running out into the street. I do not need to worry about their safety when they want to hang out outside. The fence is very reliable- if there is a problem with it ( from a storm, or over-eager landscapers, etc) an alarm will sound, so you know that the fence is no longer working properly. If you reach out to John, he'll come ASAP to get it back up and running smoothly. John also trains dogs--he is now in the process of training my mini-schnau, and she is quite the feisty and fiery girl! I have no doubt that John will guide her to be the proper little lady that she deserves to be. I highly recommend John- he is committed to his work keeping dogs safe and well-behaved. He's also easy to get along with, which is a plus. You need someone you like, and who you can trust, to work with your beloved furry children!

Dana Eugenio

John was great to work with - responsive, professional, and great with our rambunctious puppy! We plan to use him for training sessions soon. The invisible fence he installed has worked out great for us, and provides an extra layer of reassurance that our dog will stay safe and sound in our yard. I highly recommend him!

Lauren Hogshire

John installed our hidden dog fence years ago and has had to come out several times to fix things that were destroyed by our landscapers. He always makes it out quickly to address any situation that we are having, i.e., cut line, dead battery. I would highly recommend him and the Dog Watch.

Denise Reilly

Four years ago, John and his team installed a ProDog hidden fence for us. It was a complex installation as it covers 2.5 acres and protects multiple landscaping beds. I am extremely happy with the initial installation and dog training and the continued maintenance support. Yes, the landscapers and sprinkler guys occasionally cut the fence wire but John is always able to fix the problem quickly. I highly recommend John and his Pro-Dog team.

Kevin Uher

John installed a fence for us. He gave us great service when installing fence and still gives us great service a year later. He has repaired the fence (do to power company cutting wires) he has tagged my yard (no charge) for landscaping and has stopped by to make sure my collar is still working when I had a problem. Love that he doesn't forget about you even after you gave him your final check. That's great service. . Charlie is happy he can now hang out in the front with the kids and we don't have to worry about him going off property!. Thanks John!

Margaret Dengler

Has been great to work with, saw a difference in my dog after the very first session. I'm on my third lesson and she improves more each time, he is very focused and dedicated to his work and he breaks everything down and explains it very well.

Danny D

I tried different approaches wih my doberman Mumford. First was too structured, almost required me to become a professional trainer, second too mild (treats, treats, treats) for a doberman. Finally we found John and so far his style and utilization of an e-colar produced the best results. I keep hoping for even more amazing things to come as we progress in Mumfs training.

Olga Reynolds

John is a wonderful trainer. He taught me how to handle a resource guarding situation and how to be a more assertive dog owner. Before meeting John, I had issues with being too much of a pushover with my dogs. I now look at dog behavior differently and i can respond properly. My experience with John made a remarkable difference and i recommend him to everyone!

Tara M

After 1 training session with John we knew that our puppy problems were over. You can quite clearly see the passion and commitment that John personally has in his work with training dogs. Just when we thought that our Golden Retriever was a lost cause, John taught us how to handle her and it has been great! I highly recommend ProDog! Truly amazing!

Christopher Nally

John is always professional and always on hand to help with our hidden dog fence maintenance.. The hidden dog fence has kept our dogs safe and a life changer for us.

David Purdy

John Wasilishen has been training my dogs for several years. He has taught me how to establish a loving and respectful relationship with my dogs. John has become a hero. He is always on call for any situation and has complete knowledge of everything canine. The night my poodle went into labor I called John for guidance, without hesitation he came right over to help deliver my toy poodle's litter. I could not ask for a more supportive experienced talented trainer !

Kristin Quigley

John does a great job training and following up ! even after 8 years he still returns my calls promptly and always asks how my dog is.

Andrew Cameron

John went above and beyond what I would have expected to help me get my very willful dog to stay within my yard. Recommended

Kristian Stout

John trained my dog Minka, a female boxer. In five lessons he had her listening to commands and I am now able to have company over without worrying about Minka jumping all over them.

Gene Kelly

Very good experience with you're service. I have recommended to friends and family! Thank you!

Tracy Ceglia

Had our Dog Watch invisible fence installed last year. John came out to walk the property and discuss our needs. He obviously is a dog "trainer" as well because he controlled my dog instantaneously. He was very knowledgeable. Great service, great price! John was terrific! We also purchased the disks for the interior of our house so that we could keep the dog out of certain rooms without having to use all those baby gates! I love the whole system. Highly recommend.

Sheila Knazick

Hey John - It's been a while since we spoke & I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with our hidden fence & the obedience training we did together. Pepper totally respects her boundaries. So much so that she rarely gets close enough to the fence to receive the audible warning. She knows her limits and doesn't test them. With the use of the e-collar, we're now walking around the neighborhood with no leash. On our last few walks, she's been responding solely to voice commands. It is nice to know that the e-collar is there in case of emergency though. I can't believe how often we pass other dog walkers who are being pulled down the street by their dogs, while Pepper is off leash and totally behaved. Anyway, please feel free to use my name as a reference. After Labor Day, when the weather cools down, I'd like to resume our training and get her to run along side of me on the bicycle. Thanks Again.

John Aria

John, helped us a lot with our Weimaraner. We needed an electric fence installed so the dog could be as active as she wanted while taking full advantage of our 1 acre property. He was prompt and gave an estimate and had fence stalled in a few days. Also, did a training session with him. Our Weim would pull nonstop on the leash...after John she walked right by our side. A true lifesaver!

Nic Blas

John - thanks for an excellent job installing the DogWatch fence and teaching us how to train Cookie. She was totally respectful of the fence in just a few days and now we don't have to worry about her getting out of the yard and crossing the street. She sits on the bench in the front of the house with us and it's great! The DogWatch system is working great and we appreciate your support and responsiveness to all of our questions and concerns. You were a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend the DogWatch hidden fence, it's definitely a life saver!


Thanks for the excellent job on the dog fence. Trixie "got it" immediately and has never come close to crossing it. We greatly appreciate how quickly you handled the installation and training as well as sharing your general dog training expertise. Please feel free to use our name as a reference any time.

Nancy Weinstein

Thank you John & Dog Watch for helping me and my Hercules! My 5 year old American Pit Bull terrier, Hercules, would clear our 6 ft stockade fence every morning to visit our neighbors dogs. Although he was just saying 'Hi' to the neighbors, this morning ritual included me trekking all the way around our fence and up their 2 acre driveway to bring him back home. Thank goodness for John & Dog Watch fences. Now with a gentle warning, Herc is reminded that he isn't supposed to go past a certain point in the yard, and our morning ritual has ended! I couldn't be happier with our fence and the training service provided by John & his team at Pro-Dog K9 Academy.

Heather Cuervo

We had John install our Hidden Fence around our property in Asbury Park. We had two problems: 1. Our Labrador Jake was always running away and 2. our street gets a lot of pedestrian traffic that got Jake excited so he would bark all the time when he was tied in the lawn. John installed the fence in and gave Jake some quick training and our problems were solved. Now Jake is free and happy and he never runs through the fence. He just goes to the border and watches the people or other dogs walk by. Here's the best part. Jake likes to chew things and he did a job on the receiver attached to his collar. I called John and he brought me over a new one. I never expected service like that. I am very happy we chose Prodogk9 to install our Hidden Fence.

Jerry Dunworth

The ProDog team were very professional, and took the time to clearly assess our needs. John understood our dog's temperament and was great handling her. The training went smoothly and our dog adjusted to the fence quickly, without being traumatized in the process. I highly recommend ProDog K9.

Sheree Gregory- Lawrenceville, NJ

I would like to thank you and Pro Dog K9 for everything you have done. Your training as well as the dog watch hidden fence you installed have gave us peace of mind. I would recommend you to anyone who wants to communicate better with their dog.

The Mineo Family

DogWatch were able to quote and install our invisible fence within 48 hours of contacting them. The after installation training was thorough and our dog, a fairly undisciplined Labrador has never set a foot outside our yard without direct instruction. I highly recommend their service and products.


We first met John 2 years ago when we got our dog Bella. Our yard is fairly large and we couldn't afford to get it fenced in. We researched hidden fences and decided to give it a shot. We had doubts whether the fence could contain Bella, our pit-bull mix. John and his team professionally installed the fence and trained Bella the same day. A year later we adopted another dog and John trained him on the fence as well. Both dogs can now enjoy roaming the entire yard but while also respecting the hidden fence. We would highly recommend John, for the installation of the fence and the training that goes along with it.

Antoinette and Jeff

I just wanted to take a moment to thank John for all of the support he has provided in helping to transform our puppy Rottweiler from an absolute menace to a loved member of our family. John was quickly able to assess our needs and provide solutions that made sense for all of us including our two year old daughter and of course our dog. Although we have a fenced in back yard, our dog was still able to get free by pushing through and bending different parts of the fence. Imagine an 80 pound Rottweiler running free and not to mention the fear we had of our dog being hit by a car. John quickly was able to fix this problem by recommending and installing a wireless fence. Now our dog no longer is a threat to scare others or to be hurt herself. What a world of difference this has made in our lives! John understands animals and they quickly learn to respect him as both a friend and a role model. My family strongly recommends John to help your family as well.

Dr. Randy S. Nissinoff

I had a couple of different companies come quote me for a dog fence, we have a big yard and needed a unique solution for different areas. I without a doubt felt most comfortable with John. He was willing to work with us and come up a great solution, at a very completive price. Although I have not used John as a dog trainer yet, I could tell by the way he interacted with my dog he would be great. I would highly recommend John/Dog Watch.

Katie Weiss

We used to have a fence with our previous dog but had it taken down. I was a bit skeptical about the hidden fence. We had another company come out to talk to us about their fence. We decided to go with John because he really seemed to care about what would be best for our dog. The other company was more about the sale. We definitely made the right choice. John was great with Daley and she learned her boundaries very quickly.The whole family loves this fence! It allows Daley to run around, play with us and know she is safe.

Sara Houston

Pro-Dog was great. John was there when he said he would be and always responded to questions as soon as possible. He really knows his stuff and it allowed the dog to get used to his new environment very quickly. Very trustworthy, not like the other guys.

Robert Juliano

I did a ton of research on these hidden fences and it can become mind numbing. I had a call with John and he went into great detail and took his time explaining things to me. I was hoping for a very specific set up based on my property and what my ideal set up would be. He was honest and said he couldn't commit until he was on site (rather just saying "yes" to get off the phone and close a sale). We had a few date changes, due to weather and my schedule and he accommodated them all with out issue. He showed up on time and we walked the property and he was able to determine that my ideal situation was possible and then made it happen. Then came the training, he was able to walk me through how to train my dog properly. Within a short while she was getting it. Now here is where I believe John makes the biggest difference. He is a professional dog trainer, not just a fence installer who can train for the fence. My dog was a bit of a jumper and pulled on a leash. Wow, he showed me 2 quick corrections for both of those problems. When I say quick, I mean less that 3 min for each. I followed his training technique and she no longer jumps and on our 1st neighborhood walk together since John left she pulled 1x, I made the correction and the rest of the walk was on a loose leash. Amazing was all I can say, our dog was a good girl to start with but wow, a few minutes with John showing me a basic correction she is even a better girl. John has also been super responsive via email and phone, I have been having a lot of questions about next steps for fence training, etc and he has my money already but the way he responds you would think he was still trying to gain me as a customer. Great service all around and based on this I will be signing up for a session or 2 of private dog training.

Glen Podinker

John installed fencing at my home for my two cockapoos. I can't say enough about how reliable the Dog Watch brand has been. Not only did John install the fence, he made certain the dogs, as well as the family, learned how the system worked. I am confident that my dogs are safely contained and happy to be able to run about freely. In addition to my home fencing, I hired John to install Dog Watch at an estate that I manage. John replaced a previously installed system that gave us many problems. The owners are extremely pleased that their Labs can now run 10 acres without fear of them purging the barrier. I highly recommend using John for fencing and training.

Michele Johnson

John has installed the DogWatch Hidden Fence at two homes we have owned. We love the security the fence offers us and our two labs. When we moved we took the Transmitter and the DogWatch Receiver Collar with us. At the second home we had John install the underground wire and re-install the Transmitter. The two dogs were very easy to train at the new home.They both enjoy the freedom to run and play safely.

Nancy Frezzo